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PV cleaning & tree felling

I offer professional photovoltaic and solar system cleaning, tree inspection according to FLL and tree felling (even in difficult situations). Benefit from the experience I have gained in tree climbing and tree care courses as well as in photovoltaic and solar system cleaning training courses.

PV cleaning, tree felling, garden maintenance


Tree felling, tree pruning

My garden services include: tree felling, pruning and trimming of hedges and fruit trees, removing undergrowth or root stumps. The green waste is disposed of properly or shredded as required.

Tree felling
Tree inspection according to FLL

Tree pruning, hedge trimming


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Cleaning of photovoltaic & solar systems

I offer professional cleaning with the certified pure water process – completely without chemicals. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the service life of your PV system up to 40 years or more.

Certified pure water process
Special cleaning brushes
Visual inspection of your PV/solar system

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Property management, janitorial services

I offer property management and janitorial services for buildings, real estate and residential complexes as well as public facilities. The maintenance of green spaces and small repairs are also part of my service.

Property management
Garden maintenance
Small repairs